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Welcome to my Website. I am a Counsellor in South Dublin offering the following Counselling and therapy options. I aim to help you with Anxiety, Stress, Low Self Esteem and Relationship Problems.


Online Counselling

Reiki Therapy 

Shamanic  Therapy

People come to me for Anxiety Counselling, Stress, Low Self-esteem, Depression and Relationship Counselling. I understand that taking that first step towards counselling can be difficult therefore I ensure that the experience is both a comfortable and pleasant one.

Mental Health problems like Anxiety and Stress have become prevalent in recent times. Now more than ever people are turning to Counselling to help manage these mental health challenges. I encourage people to unpack their experiences at a pace that is right for them. As a Counsellor, I hold a heart-centred space that is free of judgement where you can feel safe to explore these experiences.

Relationships can sometimes challenge us and we feel at a loss as to how to navigate them. Counselling will help you explore these experiences in a non-judgmental way so that you can make the choices that can help you heal from your experiences.

If you're interested in learning more about my counselling services or energy therapy, please click on the buttons below to read more or click here to  "Make an Appointment".

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