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As a counsellor I offer a safe, empathic, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore the feelings and concerns you may have about what is going on in your life thus enabling you to work through these concerns. The aim of counselling is to empower you to take back control of your life by supporting you to make any changes that may help you to feel more confident about your hopes and desires.

I hold a BA (Hons.) in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and I am an accredited member of IACP. My approach to therapy is both Person Centred and heart based with the clients wants and desires at the heart of my work. I incorporates a range of different skills including Choice Therapy, Meditation, Positive Psychology and Shamanism. The choice of therapy will depend on your needs and desires.

I welcome clients from all cultural backgrounds and offer the following Counselling services in  Rathfarnham,  Dublin 16.


Areas  I work with are but not limited to:


 Depression Counselling

 Anxiety Counselling

 Stress Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Relationship Issues

Finding New Direction in Life


Anxiety and Depression Counselling Services

Anxiety can be described as apprehension, uncertainty as well as fear which results from a perceived or anticipated threat sometimes to the degree that normal functioning is disrupted. There are number of different types of anxiety such as phobias e.g. social phobia, panic disorder and general anxiety disorder. Each of these disorders often have a physiological component such as muscle tension, heart palpitations, sweating and dizziness or even shortness of breath. Emotional symptoms might be fear of embarrassment, fear of impending doom or fear of dying. Should you be experiencing any of these, click here Make an appointment  today.


Depression can occur alongside anxiety and can be the persistent feeling low mood, restlessness, agitation, loss of interest in self or day to day life. It can result in a negativity as well as angry outbursts. In severe cases it can result in thoughts of self -harm as the client can be suffering from a persistent negative outlook on life.It is important to recognise that suffering from either of these disorders is not a sign of weakness as depression or anxiety can affect anyone from all cultures and social classes in society, click here to Make an appointment   today.



Stress Counselling Services

Stress is that feeling of having a lot to of demands put on you. It can be a positive motivator however the problems start when there is an unhealthy level of demand builds up. Many things can stress people out e.g.  juggling work and family life, financial problems, exams, relationship issues not to mention the expectations we put on ourselves. Symptoms include rapid heart beat, headaches muscle tension, sleep problems, poor concentration and many more.

By keeping stressful thoughts in your head they can become difficult to manage Talking to a therapist who can help you manage stress can help you recognise the symptom  s as well as reduce them. Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms click here to Make an appointment today.


Trauma Counselling Services

There are times in life when our sense of safety is tested, these could be the result of violence, accidents or disasters. As in the case of accidents they can happen suddenly or sometimes they can be part of our day to day life e.g. violence. After a traumatic event the world can feel unsafe. With the passing of time and with the support of family and friends people tend to overcome its affects however sometimes fear, sadness and guilt persist and can leave you feeling helpless and exhausted. Destressing images or sounds may play over and over in the mind affecting sleep or even relationships. Overwhelming feelings may persist causing you to feel trapped in a continuous cycle or cause you to pull away from those around you believing they don’t understand.Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms, click here to Make an appointment today.



Relationship Issues

Many find great strength and comfort in relationships with family friends and colleagues but all too often people experience difficulties in their relationships with others in the home or the workplace. This can be brought about by financial strain, relationship breakdown and lack of trust to name but a few. These issues can leave one with overwhelming fears, anger or pain which can cause one to become tired, stressed and even hurt. Talking to a counsellor can help ease the burden and find new ways of coping. Ease the burden click here and  Make an appointment today.


Finding new direction in life.

Currently you feel there is more to life than what you are experiencing. Want to do something different but you are not sure what? Life seems to be lacking the joy and excitement you crave. Perhaps those around you have moved on but you feel stuck. Perhaps you would like to change job or career but it all seems too daunting. Finding the support can sometimes be crucial to taking that first step. I am here to help you through these changes and help you explore what is blocking you,  click here to Make an appointment today.




The cost of a session is €65


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